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The Anesia Seed Company breeds and developes for more than 15 years, cannabis strains and brings a wealth of experience and know-how so that we can ensure the optimum genetics with the highest quality for you. Our professional and experienced breeders and botanics from California and Spain are working on the research and development of cannabis genetics and various new breeding strategies. Our Strains are amazing and endless strong and potent, like we love it on our own. Test it on yourself, you will feel the difference.

A-Train (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

A-Train (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds

Amnesia Flash (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Amnesia Flash (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds


Amnesia Flash Auto (Anesia Seeds),

Anesia Scout Cookies (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Anesia Scout Cookies (Anesia Seeds), 3 

Auto Betty von Anesia Seeds

Auto Betty (Anesia Seeds), automatic Seeds

Auto Blackberry Moonrocks von Anesia

Auto Blackberry Moonrock (Anesia Seeds), automatic

Auto Blueberry Banana

Auto Blueberry Banana (Anesia), 3 automatic

Auto-Bubblegum, Anesia

Auto BubbleGum (Anesia Seeds), 3 automatic Seeds

Auto Lemongrass von Anesia Seeds

Auto Lemongrass (Anesia Seeds), automatic Seeds

Auto Nova OG

Auto Nova OG (Anesia), automatic Seeds

Auto Orient Express von Anesia Seeds

Auto Orient Express (Anesia), 3 automatic

Auto Strawberry Banana von Anesia Seeds

Auto Strawberry Banana (Anesia), automatic Seeds

Banana Kush (Anesia Seeds) 3 feminisierte Samen

Banana Kush (Anesia Seeds) 3 feminised seeds

Banana Kush Auto (Anesia Seeds), 3 autoflowering Samen

Banana Kush Auto (Anesia Seeds), 3 autoflowering

Banana MAC von Anesia Seeds

Banana MAC (Anesia Seeds), feminised Seeds

Big Bazooka

Big Bazooka (Anesia Seeds), feminised Seeds

Big-Bazooka-Auto Anesia Seeds

Big Bazooka Auto (Anesia Seeds), 3 automatic seeds

Blackberry Moonrocks

Blackberry Moonrocks (Anesia Seeds), feminised

Bruce Banner #3 (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Bruce Banner #3 (Anesia Seeds), feminised seed

California Kush (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

California Kush (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds



Chemdog (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds


Cherry Kiss (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Cherry Kiss (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds


Chocolate Haze (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Chocolate Haze (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds


Fast Caramelic (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Fast Caramelic (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds

Fat Monkey Auto von Anesia Seeds

Fat Monkey Auto (Anesia Seeds), automatic Seeds

Future #1 von Anesia Seeds

Future #1 (Anesia Seeds), feminised seeds

Gelato Dream von Anesia Seeds

Gelato Dream (Anesia Seeds), feminised seeds

Ghost Train Haze #1

Ghost Train Haze #1 (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds

Hawaiiana (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Hawaiiana (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds

Haze Queen (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Haze Queen (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds

Iceberg (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Iceberg (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminised seeds


Indoor Massive Mix (Anesia Seeds), 15 feminised seeds

MAC von Anesia Seeds

MAC (Anesia Seeds), feminised seeds

Mandarine 47 (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Mandarine 47 (Anesia Seeds), feminised seeds

Mob Boss (Anesia Seeds), 3 feminisierte Samen

Mob Boss (Anesia Seeds), feminised seeds

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