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GC-TOF Discovery-Based Profiling of CBD Oil Pet Supplements

GC-TOF Discovery-Based Profiling of CBD Oil Pet Supplements

December 18, 2019 this study, six different brands of CBD oil pet supplements were obtained and untargeted analyses using gas phase-time of flight mass spectrometry were performed.

Abstract / Synopsis: 

Cannabidiol (CBD) oils manufactured specifically for pets is a rapidly growing market. Many pet owners are supplementing their pets’ diet with products derived legally from hemp. In this study, we obtained five lots of six different brands of CBD oil pet supplements and performed untargeted analyses using gas phase-time of flight mass spectrometry. Chemical features of the raw data were extracted and annotated, and differential statistical analysis using commercially available bioinformatics software was used to examine each product.

With the recent phenomenon of legalization of cannabis, hemp, and cannabinoid products for both medicinal and adult recreational use in many U.S. states and Canada, many pet owners are feeding cannabidiol (CBD) oils derived from hemp to their pets. CBD is a nonpsychoactive, natural phytocannabinoid native to Cannabis spp. and is commercially available. A quick search of the web yields hundreds of products specifically made for pets. In this study, we used a nontargeted chemical analysis approach to evaluate the chemical profiles of commercially available CBD oils manufactured for pet consumption. We purchased five bottles of each product to investigate batch diversity and different lots of each product. It’s important to note that this workflow can be equally applied to plant material or other cannabinoid products for large scale cannabinomics, terpenomics, metabolomics, or other “big-data” studies.


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